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Argo Cyber is a project with a high technological and specialized component unique of its kind, born and developed within Argo Investigazioni, borrowing from its thirty-year experience in the field of private investigations and Intelligence. using advanced IT technologies, it identifies innovative and customized solutions for its customers.

Direttiva Nis

The EU directive 1148/2016 (so-called NIS Network and Information Security), transposed into Italian law with Legislative Decree no. 18 May 2018. 65, dictates a framework and a minimum common standard of the measures necessary to achieve a high level of security of networks and information systems, leaving the Member States the freedom to independently determine the concrete methods of implementation, as well as the possibility of raising the level of safety.

The legislation is aimed at:

  • Essential Service Operators (OSE) are public bodies and companies, active in the fields of energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, healthcare, drinking water distribution.
  • Digital Service Providers (FSD), are legal entities with head office, registered office or designated representative in the national territory, which provide digital services of e-commerce, cloud computing or search engines.

The recipients are called upon to adopt adequate and proportionate technical-organizational measures for risk management and to prevent or limit the impact of IT incidents, so that the continuity of the service is guaranteed.

The directive also provides for the obligation to notify the Computer Security Incident Response Team set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (known as the Italian CSIRT), without undue delay, of incidents that have a significant impact.

In the event of a violation by operators of essential services, the competent authorities may apply administrative penalties of up to € 150,000 and up to € 125,000 if the violation was committed by digital service providers.

Argo CyberSecurity offers advice and assistance in defining IT management, prevention and defense models that comply with the requirements of the NIS Directive, guaranteeing constant updating of control processes aimed at risk mitigation.  


Argo Cyber constantly invests in certifications to improve the level of services offered thus guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and safety to its customers.

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