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Argo Cyber is a project with a high technological and specialized component unique of its kind.

Using advanced IT technologies, it identifies innovative and customized solutions for its customers.


Computer fraud or technology fraud consists in the introduction, alteration, theft, damage or destruction carried out through the manipulation or malicious use of computer systems, information programs, data files, means of communication, including through the ” absence or abuse of the necessary authorizations, with the intention of committing a fraudulent act in order to obtain money, goods or services not due, in order to avoid payment, or to guarantee personal or business advantages.

The perpetrators of the fraud can be individuals within the organization such as employees, officers, directors or shareholders of the company itself but also third parties such as customers and suppliers.
The adoption by companies of digital innovations to improve the experience of their customers and the related increase in revenue also exposes them to a greater risk of scams and online fraud.

Organizations often underestimate the multiplicity of conducts that fall within the same case and, therefore, generic contrast strategies are adopted that do not allow an adequate and timely response to any type of threat. In addition to direct damage, organizations find themselves having to deal with indirect damage that can affect the corporate reputation and the strength of the brand or business relationships, causing a sharp slowdown in the development of the business.

Argo Cyber ​​offers an advanced analysis and personalized monitoring system that allows you to identify possible “spy” behaviors to promptly prevent the offense and strengthen the conditions of effectiveness of the protection system in order to counter any threats.


Argo Cyber constantly invests in certifications to improve the level of services offered thus guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and safety to its customers.

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