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ISO/TS 22301

ISO / TS 22301 is an international standard that provides the requirements for an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) applicable to all types of organizations.

The regular provision of services and products can in fact be compromised by a wide range of catastrophic events and sudden accidents, to the point of determining a temporary suspension or worse, the definitive closure of the company.

The Bussiness Continuity Management System is an organizational management system that raises the level of business resilience, ensuring the continuation of business activity in the event of an event that could lead to its interruption.

The planning and implementation of a business continuity management strategy, through the use of proactive processes, guarantees the company to reduce recovery times.

The adoption of the ISO 22301 standard also allows the achievement of multiple benefits including: greater guarantee of reliability to customers and suppliers, competitive advantage and improvement of the corporate image and reputation.

The Argo CyberSecurity Team with multidisciplinary skills and experience supports public and private organizations in the following activities:

  • consultancy and assistance in the definition, adoption and execution of business continuity management systems, compliant with the ISO 22301 standard;
  • periodic assessment planning of the corporate compliance status of the management system, aimed at preparing any corrective actions of the causes of non-compliance.


Argo Cyber constantly invests in certifications to improve the level of services offered thus guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and safety to its customers.

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