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Argo Cyber is a project with a high technological and specialized component unique of its kind, born and developed within Argo Investigazioni, borrowing from its thirty-year experience in the field of private investigations and Intelligence. using advanced IT technologies, it identifies innovative and customized solutions for its customers.

Argo cyber security

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Argo Cyber è un progetto ad alta componente tecnologica e specialistica unico nel suo genere, nasce e si sviluppa all’interno di Argo Investigazioni mutuandone l’esperienza trentennale nel campo delle indagini private e dell’Intelligence.Avvalendosi dell’apporto di professionisti altamente qualificati e ricorrendo ad avanzate tecnologie informatiche individua soluzioni innovative e personalizzate per i propri clienti.

Wi-Fi Penetration Testing

Wireless networks, as well as wired networks, also need to be tested. Wireless networks are particularly risky because they can be attacked remotely without the need for potential attackers to be inside the company walls: a parking lot, a road not far away, kilometers away by using special antennas.

Wireless networks for employees and especially “guest” wireless networks represent a risk to security and privacy. Typically, guest networks are used to allow non-employees, including clients and temporary guests, to access the internet or a subset of corporate resources. If the “guest” wireless networks are not adequately protected, through appropriate segmentation and the wise use of IDS / IPS, this not only opens the customer’s organization to possible data loss, but also opens the door to the attacker to possible internal resources and confidential data.

Our Wi-Fi Penetration Testing focuses on the thorough assessment of the security of a wireless network through the use of ad hoc software and hardware.

The process involves an active analysis of wireless resources in search of any weaknesses, technical defects and vulnerabilities.

We try to identify and exploit all problems on the wireless network under analysis by showing the attack surface.

Some of the tests we perform include:

  •  Identification and mapping of wireless networks throughout the company perimeter.
  • Identification of unauthorized wireless access points connected to the network without specific authorization or not known to the IT department.
  • Identification of weak encryption protocols.
  • Cracking of encryption keys.
  • Evasion of existing protection systems.
  • Attacks on clients via Evil-Twin, Rouge Access Point, etc.
  • Identification of stations and any credentials of legitimate users to access private networks and services.
At the end of the activity, a detailed report will be drawn up containing the identified vulnerabilities (with related details of the software / service concerned, type of vulnerability, level of criticality, and possible remediation actions).


Argo Cyber constantly invests in certifications to improve the level of services offered thus guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and safety to its customers.

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