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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics (or computer forensics) is the discipline that deals with the identification, preservation and analysis of information contained in digital storage devices (PCs, notebooks, external hard-drives, USB drives, mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) and in information systems in general, in order to highlight the existence of useful evidence in court and out of court.

During the trial, the judge must reconstruct the truth of the facts on the basis of the evidence collected for the purposes of his decision. The main function of the evidence is in fact to allow the judge a correct reconstruction of the event which allows to find confirmation in the truthfulness of the facts stated by the parties.
Digital evidence or digital evidence, obtained from electronic devices (information technology and telematics), is recognized as evidential value and it performs the same functions as “traditional” evidence.

Its characteristics, involving delicate and complex problems linked to the ease with which data and information can be manipulated, altered or destroyed, make it necessary to resort to international best practices and specific procedures for their acquisition, analysis and “crystallization”.

Digital Forensics requires the involvement of technical-IT, legal and investigative skills, as each aspect has a unique approach that leads to different but essential results for an in-depth and effective analysis activity in the trial, not only criminal but also civil, tax and labor law.

Depending on the type of device from which the data to be examined is obtained or the access methods, the different areas of activity are distinguished.

Some of the Digital Forensics services offered:

  • Forensic analysis on operating systems
  • Server systems analysis
  • Data recovery, extraction and analysis
  • Analysis of the activities carried out by the user
  • Mobile device acquisition and forensic analysis
  • Whatsapp Chat Exports
  • Email extraction
  • Gps tracking

Argo Cyber’s multidisciplinary and highly specialized team provides Digital Forensics consultancy and services to companies, credit institutions, insurance companies, law firms and private individuals.

At the end of the technical activities, an accurate report will be drawn up, describing the methodologies used and the operations carried out to achieve the result of the analysis of the digital data.


Argo Cyber constantly invests in certifications to improve the level of services offered thus guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and safety to its customers.

Digital Forensics

Types Of Activities

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the discipline that deals with the identification, acquisition and analysis of data and digital information contained by PCs and in order to highlight the presence of relevant digital data in court or for investigative purposes.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics is a branch of Digital Forensics that deals with extracting and analyzing extracts from the memory of mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, navigators, etc.). They contain a large amount of information and data including: conversations, call list, text messages, e-mails, photos, videos, audio, browsing history, installed apps and many others that may be necessary for the ascertaining a crime.

Network Forensics

Network Forensics deals with the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic in order to collect information, digital evidence or intrusion detection by unauthorized external parties. In order to demonstrate the commission of an offense with the use of multiple connected systems, an investigation is required aimed at identifying all the systems used and all the subjects potentially involved in the fact, not just the perpetrators. but also the victims and any other subjects.

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