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Digital Profiling

Digital Profiling is a new investigation methodology that uses the typical techniques of Criminal Profiling, a branch of criminology dedicated to identifying the main characteristics of an individual’s personality and behavior, starting from the analysis of the crime he has committed, in a context computer scientist.

Criminal profiling is based on the principle that the behavior of a subject before, during and after the commission of a crime reflects his personal and psychological characteristics.
In Digital Profiling, the examination of the individual moves to the network.
In a digital crime scene, the balance between offender and victim is different from what happens in the “analog” world. The characteristics and the extensive use of technological aids facilitate a different perception of the risk and severity of the illegal conduct, making it necessary to use specific intervention methods.

Although the new investigative technique has developed in cases of hacking and has subsequently extended to other categories of crimes (terrorism, pedophilia, cyberbullying, stalking, etc.), it is also widely applied in the field of corporate security in order to protect the organization from any internal and external threats.

The specialized team of psychologist-criminologists of Argo Cyber, on the basis of the known elements and the personal and behavioral characteristics that emerged during the computer investigations carried out by the professionals of the Digital Forensics division, will draw up a psychological and criminological profile of the offender, will identify the motive for the conduct and the type of attack against the victims.


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