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Argo cyber security

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Argo Cyber is a project with a high technological and specialized component unique of its kind.

Using advanced IT technologies, it identifies innovative and customized solutions for its customers.


ISO / IEC 27001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for defining, developing, monitoring and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS or ISMS: Information Security Management System), applicable to all private or public companies, as regardless of a specific business sector or a particular organizational structure.
Preparing and implementing an Information Management System compliant with the best practices provided for by the standard allows companies to take appropriate countermeasures to protect customer data and company information from IT risks, ensuring their integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Obtaining the certification, which is granted following an audit by experts belonging to accredited and independent certification bodies, certifies compliance with the criteria set out in the ISO 27001 standard, helping to create greater trust in the company. of customers, suppliers and employees who entrust their information on a daily basis. Some companies that do not need to obtain certification still choose to use the standard using it as a reference framework.

Argo CyberSecurity professionals offer their customers:

  • consultancy and assistance in the definition and implementation of an Information Security Management System compliant with the ISO 27001 standard;
  • support for maintaining the ISO 27001 certification;
  • specific training activities.


Argo Cyber constantly invests in certifications to improve the level of services offered thus guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and safety to its customers.

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